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When you click on the cell a dropdown list appears of info to choose from. It works fine but.. It only showns 8 lines. Then you have to scroll the drop-down list. How do I make it longer, showing prehaps 15 or 20 lines so I do not have to scroll in the dropdown? Rich / Thank you!

Drop-down List Arrow Always Visible in Excel Drop-down lists in a cell (also known as validation lists) are a great way to make your Excel model interactive. When a user selects the cell that contains a drop-down list, a small icon appears to the right of the cell. Clicking on this icon allows them to make a selection from a list. Can I resize a data validation drop down box? AFAIK you cannot extend the length of Data Validation drop down. The maximum 8 is the limit, of course it can be shorter You could try using a standard dropdown box linked to your validation cell? Hope this helped Regards Dave 0 0 . Aug 15th, 2009, 10:01 Drop-down List in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial

How to expand width of drop-down box in smaller columns And I need to be able to have others use this worksheet, so modifying Excel would not be the answer. And I am getting the bad feeling that there is really no way to modify the drop-down width other than basic column size. Sad, as the drop-down box approach is a great idea, but this limitation seems huge top not have been addressed earlier. Creating a Drop-Down List in a Cell - Microsoft Excel 2016 If you plan to share your workbook with users of Excel 2007 or earlier, make sure that the list is on the same sheet as the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can use a named range . See also this tip in French: Création d'une liste déroulante dans une cellule . Dependent Drop-down Lists in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial

25 Mar 2013 You can use drop down lists to limit data entry options to just one list of. I recommend making your Combo Box slightly larger than the cell you  Microsoft Excel: How to Remove a Drop-Down List | Excel's drop-down menus are useful for creating order forms and navigation for larger files like records of sales. The options in the menus are references to cells  2 Clear and Easy Ways to Create a Drop Down List in Excel 3 Sep 2019 How to Create a Drop Down List in Excel. This wikiHow teaches you How do I make the font in a drop down list larger? Answer this question  Excel: Wider & taller named-range drop-down.

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